Autumn Sunrise in CooperstownThe Autumn Sunrise in Cooperstown is always amazing! I personally make sure to watch a sunrise or sunset every day as this is a  wonderful way to improve your mental and physical health. The act of finding a beautiful spot from which to watch the day begin or end, and enjoy the light at it’s most colorful and varying, is the perfect opportunity to slow down, center your mind, and de-stress. Lucky for me, I am blessed with some of the most beautiful views in Central NY!

Each time I watch a sunrise, I am reminded that “today is a new beginning”.  Sunsets allow me to inhale all the events of the day and exhale in Glory. It’s important to take time to  put your life on pause and simply breathe, make your mind quiet, and enjoy the moment…this is a positive thing.

We spend so much time rushing, worrying, ticking off items on the to-do list, that it is easy to get wrapped into a dangerous spiral of stress. So… next time you are running to the kitchen to grab your first cup of Java… instead look at the sun rise. It’s the best “lift me up” around!

I invite all to come up to Cooperstown in the Fall, as it is the most amazing time of year – the hills come alive with the most amazing spectrum of colors!

If it’s your first time visiting the area and you don’t know where to stay, browse our properties and call me, Donna Schulz at Cooperstown Lodging Company to assist you with your lodging needs – for summer and off-season rentals as well!  You can reach me at (877) 965-2040 or by email at

Cooperstown Lodging Company has been serving visitors to the Cooperstown Area since 1999.  We offer quality vacation rentals to area visitors and families of Youth Baseball Teams visiting Cooperstown Dreams Park, Cooperstown All Star Village, Cooperstown Baseball World and the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.