March 21, 2020 Update 1pm

Please see message attached and below from Cooperstown All Star, President Martin Patton

To our Cooperstown All Star family of players, coaches, umpires, guests and employees.  The health and safety of Cooperstown All Star Village players, coaches, umpires, guests and employees is our highest priority. As we continue to actively monitor developments related to coronavirus (COVID-19) we want to assure you that Cooperstown All Star Village is taking all necessary health and safety precautions in accordance with the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and New York State health officials for our players, coaches, umpires, guests and employees.

In an effort to carry on the Cooperstown experience that our players, coaches and umpires have planned for and fund raised for several years. We have decided to make a decision regarding the 2020 tournament (assuming that our Nation is going through this self imposed quarantine) four weeks in advance of each week. Starting the first week in May (leaving family’s, players, coaches and umpires a full month before the first week tournament begins), we will let everyone know via our web site, Facebook and emails to coaches whether we will open or cancel that week, obviously if we are open the first week the other weeks will be open as well. Our goal is to give our players the Cooperstown experience they have planned for and fund raised for.

For those of you wondering how we will handle your refund, should we cancel a week or the entire season we will give you two options, All teams will receive a 100% refund or the option of future participation. This policy remains the same for our on site hotel guests. As stated we will not be making that decision until the first week in May in an effort to give our players the chance to participate in what they have worked so hard for.

The most important thing we can do as Americans is remain calm, follow the rules set forth by your state and our federal government and remember we are all in this together. We will come through this!

Our community is ready to welcome all of our baseball families with open arms. God bless you all and God bless America and the World.

Praying for us all,

Martin Patton

March 21, 2020 Update

Tonight the Cooperstown Dreams Park issued a Press Release saying the 2020 Youth Baseball Tournament has been cancelled. 
Read the complete release on their site:

We are very sad for all of your teams that will not have their “Cooperstown Experience” this year.  The Dreams Park is doing this out of concern for the health and well-being of all of your players, coaches and families.

In these uncertain times caused by COVID 19, we wish all your families good health and we hope you are able to evade this new and unknown virus. Take care of each other.

Cancellations …
As a rental agent, Cooperstown Lodging represents all of the rental units on our site which are privately owned and managed by individual hosts. We will work with each host and each guest to facilitate a cancellation for each reservation.

Logistically, this will take a bit of time. We ask you to help us so we can serve all of our guests.

Please do not send multiple emails and make multiple phone calls – it will overload the system.  We will communicate with each one who made a reservation through Lodging for the 2020 youth baseball tournaments.

We have been accommodating youth baseball families for 22 years and will continue to do so.

We are grateful for your patronage.

March 19, 2020  Update

Cooperstown Lodging has been assisting families with their lodging needs since 1999. Together we have weathered through many circumstances such as hurricanes, H1N1 pandemic, SARS pandemic, etc. and will continue to do so now with the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Cooperstown Lodging is aware of all of your concerns about traveling. Although I am receiving optimistic emails every day from families hoping to still attend this summer’s events, many are fearful due to the uncertainties this situation is causing. I am here to let you know that we are all in the same boat!  I have great empathy for everyone affected by this pandemic, therefore, we have made some adjustments to the cancellation policy.

Both the Director of the Dreams Park and the management office at All Star Village stated that they are planning to go forward with their respective 2020 Youth Baseball Tournaments. 

However, I understand your concerns about our time sensitive Cancellation Policies.
As of today we are changing our Cancellation Policy:

  • 60 day cancellation policy time for 1, 2, 3 bedroom rentals is being reduced to 30 days
  • 90 day cancellation policy time for 4, 5, 6+ bedroom rentals is being reduced to 30 days

We are doing this to alleviate your anxiety about the cancellation policy timelines.
We are optimistic there will be a positive turn of events in the next few weeks.